The stackable, reusable container for bulk goods


OctaPack has been specially designed for safely transporting and efficiently storing heavy bulk goods such as pellets, granulates and similar materials. This reusable container for bulk goods can be stacked and is suitable for use with roller conveyors and high-bay warehouses, which makes it an especially effective and economical solution for bulk goods logistics.
Octapack - Die Vorteile liegen auf der Hand

The stackable, reusable container for bulk goods

Bulk goods are one of the most prevalent types of goods being transported on our roads. That makes it all the more important that they can be transported and stored economically and sustainably. The most effective way to achieve this is to make full use of the vertical space available by stacking bulk goods.
As a stackable, reusable container, OctaPack is the sustainable, efficient and cost-effective packaging solution for bulk goods. Its eight-sided pallet enclosure made from a tried-and-tested TRIPLEX structured-core panel, combined with a heavy-duty pallet and lid, make it ideal for use in bulk goods logistics. Not only can it help get bulk goods safely from A to B and store them in a space-saving arrangement, it can also carry loads of up to 1,000 kilograms and be used in high-bay warehouses and on roller conveyors. This makes it suitable for use with heavy bulk goods such as milled or ground materials, granulates, pellets and foodstuffs.
OctaPack - The stackable, reusable container for bulk goods OctaPack - The stackable, reusable container for bulk goods

The benefits at a glance

  • Substantial cost savings thanks to the reusable system
  • Can be used repeatedly, many times over
  • Exceedingly stable with outstanding load-carrying capacity and exceptionally long service life
  • Damage resistant
  • Load-carrying capacity of up to 1,000 kilograms
  • Stackable
  • Heavy-duty pallet suitable for use in high-bay warehouses and on roller conveyors
  • Space-saving storage of empty containers for considerable reduction in storage space
  • Secure transport thanks to QuickLock fastener
  • Customised sleeve heights to help optimise loading volumes
  • Suitable for transporting and storing heavy bulk goods such as milled or ground materials, granulates, pellets and foodstuffs
  • Moisture-resistant interior
  • Easy handling
  • Fully recyclable
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Compatible with liners as an excellent addition
  • Wide range of configuration variants available that can often be combined with each other
OctaPack - The stackable, reusable container for bulk goods

Due to its M fold and the fact that the lid and pallet fit together perfectly, OctaPack can be stored and transported without taking up a lot of space.

OctaPack – Details

The EasyLift Unloading Flap

This new and user-friendly unloading flap incorporates the QuickSlide closure lock. The snap-closing action locks the closure positively and securely in position, preventing inadvertent opening or displacement and holding the unloading flap reliably in its closed position. Hook-and-loop fastener strips hold the flap in position when open on the outer surface of the enclosure. Opening and closing of the flap are greatly facilitated by its intermediate hinge. The result: controlled bulk product unloading which saves time and personnel costs.

The QuickLock Fastener

Due to its geometric configuration and contrasting colours, QuickLock clearly shows – even when viewed only at a glance – whether the container system is open or closed. This represents a milestone in logistics safety and provides big advantages over conventional fasteners.
Another advantage of the new QuickLock fastener: it is integrated in the container body and not in the base pallet below, as is the case with conventional fasteners. This design configuration provides outstanding physical strength and visibility and is also free of holes or openings, keeping rain outside – where it belongs.
The QuickLock fastener is extremely quick and convenient to use. It is easy to access and does not require awkward manipulation, e.g. from below the pallet. Besides being user-friendly, this is also safer than conventional systems which require the operator to blindly reach under the pallet when fastening.
The QuickLock fastener is retrofittable to almost all containers, completely recyclable and suitable for use with all container sleeve sizes. QuickLock, a proprietary technology available exclusively from TRIPLEX, is also compatible for use with all other pallet types including single-sheet pallets.

QuickSlide – the innovative sliding lock

The QuickSlide locking system allows an easy and safe opening and closing of the flap. The slide lock system features a comfortable recessed grip and arrows that indicate the respective sliding direction. This makes the lock completely self-explanatory and very easy to operate.

OctaPack – functional and customised

OctaPack system components

The eight-sided pallet enclosure of OctaPack is made from a TRIPLEX 10 structured-core panel with a weight of 3,000 g/m² and with a silver-grey colour similar to RAL 7001. It also includes a QuickLock fastener. This fastener gives OctaPack excellent stability, as the main part of the system is integrated into the pallet enclosure. The QuickLock fastener is also easy to use and is operated from the front. Thanks to its two-colour design and positioning, it ensures users can tell at a glance whether it is secured or open, which considerably adds to transport safety. Due to its M fold and the fact that the lid and pallet fit together perfectly, OctaPack can be stored and transported without taking up a lot of space.
  • Eight-sided TRIPLEX pallet enclosure made of TRIPLEX 10 in a weight of 3,000 g/m² and with a silver-grey colour similar to RAL 7001
  • QuickLock fastener
  • Heavy-duty pallet, base outer dimensions of 1.14 m x 1.14 m, suitable for use with high-bay warehouses and roller conveyors
  • Heavy-duty lid, stackable, made of recycled HDPE, black
OctaPack - The stackable, reusable container for bulk goods

Configuration options for OctaPack pallet enclosures

  • Customised system heights (recommended heights: 1.15 m and 2.15 m)
  • Free choice of colour for enclosure, including bicolour options
  • Motifs can be printed on one to eight sides, including in multiple colours
  • Document pouches and label holders
  • RFID or barcode labels
  • UV-stable
  • Anti-static
  • Flame retardancy in line with fire safety classes
  • Surface treatment to ensure suitability for printing and compatibility with adhesives
  • Food-safe in compliance with legal requirements


NextLoop service – good for the environment

TRIPLEX pallet enclosures are manufactured from pure polypropylene. This is a valuable raw material that should remain in circulation with a view to protecting the environment and conserving resources. Our NextLoop service plays an important part in ensuring that happens. When pallet enclosures are being used on a daily basis, it isn’t always possible to stop them getting damaged and they will eventually reach the end of their useful life.
When that happens, we are happy to repair enclosures for you or take them back and recycle them in our own facilities so they can be returned to the value chain. We pay an eco-bonus for this recovered material, which means that together we can play an active role in protecting the environment. The NextLoop service extends beyond TRIPLEX pallet enclosures and is available for virtually all polypropylene enclosures in a similar design.


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