KIBO Platten

KIBO – Twin-Wall Panels


ISO-DRAIN – Dimpled Membranes

Triplex Platten

TRIPLEX – Structured-Core Panels

Three strong brands under one roof

The three strong brands of Interplast Kunststoffe GmbH are produced in various countries on two continents using German technology and are sold worldwide. They incorporate ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheets, which have been a tried-and-tested solution in structural engineering, civil engineering and landscaping for decades, as well as TRIPLEX structured-core panels, TRIPLEX pallet enclosures and KIBO twin-wall panels. These panels are used in the packaging industry and in the automotive, events and printing sectors. The three brands have more than just their PP and PE raw mater- ials in common. They also share the same high product quality and benefit from our reliable and courteous service, which customers across the globe appreciate.


ISO DRAIN – Dimpled Membranes

The ISO-DRAIN dimpled plastic membranes are in use worldwide since the 1990s. With their large product range from 1 mm to 40 mm high dimples, which not only drain and ventilate but also protect, they are mainly used in the construction branch. For years new developments and excellent quality have been the main focus of ISO-DRAIN films and form the basis. They also hold top positions when it comes to lamination with fleece, foam and mesh textiles.


TRIPLEX – Structured-Core Panels

TRIPLEX structured core panels today enjoy leading positions worldwide. These featherlight polypropylene panels consist of three sheets welded rigidly together to form a sturdy, rock-solid structure. The key to this innovative product is the unique design of its dimpled inner layer. Outstanding quality, a wide range of options and virtually unlimited applications distinguish TRIPLEX panels in particular.


KIBO – Twin Wall panels

The KIBO PP twin wall panels are manufactured in a very effective single-step production process. The KIBO product range includes KIBO-H, -M and -X panels, each with distinctive core geometries suited for highly diverse applications. Their smooth outer surfaces and extremely low weight make them ideal for use in high-quality displays and compact, lightweight packaging. They are widely used in construction of booth construction and other commercial exhibits due to their outstanding physical strength.


Visit us at the following shows in 2024!

LogiMAT 2024

We look forward to welcoming you to FACHPACK 2024 – the European trade fair for packaging, technology and processes. The trade fair will take place from September 24th to 26th, 2024 at the exhibition center in Nuremberg. Our stand is located in Hall 4 / Stand number 4-410.
Save the date: September 24th to 26th, 2024, Nuremberg Trade Fair – FACHPACK 2024, Hall 4 / 4-410.

Latest news!

ecoline - Recycled materials – sustainable and environmentally friendly
Interplast presents to LogiMAT Fair 2024: ecoline - Recycled materials – sustainable and environmentally friendly!

At a time when the effects of climate change are increasingly making themselves felt and our planet’s resources are becoming ever scarcer, it is more important than ever that we all take responsibility and opt for sustainable measures.

Using recycled polypropylene (recycled PP) offers an effective way of reducing our ecological footprint and making a positive contribution towards protecting the environment. Use of recycled plastic enables us to not only reduce waste and conserve resources, but also cut our CO2 emissions, thus minimising our impact on the environment. By opting for recycled PP, we are demonstrating our commitment to a circular economy and resource-friendly production.

Each and every one of us can play a part in preserving our planet for future generations – so let’s seize the opportunity to use recycled materials and together take advantage of environmentally responsible solutions. It’s time to take action and press ahead with the transformation to a sustainable future.

Together, we can shape the future!

Download brochure ecoline | Watch the Video ecoline - Recycled materials – sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Interplast presents the new TRIPLEX product highlights 2023!
Interplast presents the new TRIPLEX product highlights 2023!

TRIPLEX QuickShelf - The fast and patented intermediate shelf system
Developed for efficient storage and safe transportation of goods on multiple levels in LLCs.
Download Brochure | Watch the Product Video

TRIPLEX QuickBulk - The ideal solution for handling bulk goods cost-effectively
The smart reusabel system for the storage and transport of bulk goods: this makes it the perfect alternative to big bags, box pallets and cardboard containers.
Download Brochure | Watch the Product Video

New "Videos" section set up

From now on you can watch all TRIPLEX product films under the new section Videos on our Interplast website and on the new YouTube channel of Interplast Kunststoffe GmbH.
We hope you enjoy watching them.

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OctaPack - The stackable, reusable container for bulk goods
OctaPack - The stackable, reusable container for bulk goods
OctaPack has been specially designed for safely transporting and efficiently storing heavy bulk goods such as pellets, granulates and similar materials. This reusable container for bulk goods can be stacked and is suitable for use with roller conveyors and high-bay warehouses, which makes it an especially effective and economical solution for bulk goods logistics.

More information about the OctaPack


As a specialist in plastic extrusion, we produce high-quality sheets and films for the most diverse areas of application and industries.

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